Glass House Condominiums

The Glass House is a 23-story luxury residential condominium project consisting of two towers and is the signature building within the Riverfront Park Neighborhood.  68West prepared the Development Site Plan for City review, negotiated and resolved development plan issues through the final approval and recording, and facilitated initial construction permitting. Upon completion of the building, we prepared the Condominium Map required for the sale of the new units.

Union Gateway Pedestrian Bridge

The 18th Street Union Gateway Pedestrian Bridge represents another milestone in the development of the Central Platte Valley in Lower Downtown and provides a second access to downtown from lower Highlands and the Riverfront Park Neighborhood. 68West led the bridge design team of engineers and the architect, coordinated the extensive permitting for the project through the PUC, and facilitated the negotiations for aerial easements over the rail ways and revocable right-of-way permits with the City of Denver.

Roaring Fork Trunk Line Replacement Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District

This project consisted of the replacement of approximately 7,000 linear feet of existing 18 to 24 inch concrete gravity sewer interceptor line with new 24-inch PVC pipe. The pipe route followed both sides of the Roaring Fork River and included one river crossing.  Construction was difficult because access was limited to only one end of the project, on each side of the river.  Existing fiber optic cables and primary electric lines required in field adjustments to accommodate the new route. Special attention also had to be given to environmental site control because of the pristine condition of the site and Gold Medal status of the Roaring Fork River.

As the engineers for the project we designed the pipeline, obtained an extensive list of permits, observed the construction, and administered the construction contract.

Highlands Trunk Line Replacement Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District

The Highlands Trunk Line is one of four major trunk line sanitary sewers in the District and serves one of the major ski areas in Aspen Colorado.  The old line had to be replaced due to limited capacity (flat and negative slopes in some areas) and structural failure.  The route of the Highlands trunk line provided many challenges: a crossing of the City of Aspen municipal golf course, 3700 linear feet in State Highway 82 right-of-way, and 6300 linear feet in Maroon Creek Road which is the sole access to the Aspen Highland Ski Area and the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area.

Central Platte Valley Infrastructure Inventory

In an area of the Central Platte Valley bounded by 15th Street, CML, 20th Street, and Wewatta Street, 68West gathered existing infrastructure data from the utility companies for water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, gas, electric, fiber and telephone.  For missing portions of infrastructure, 68West gathered the data in the field, and translated the information to AutoCAD format.

The prepared map provided a detailed picture of the infrastructure installed in the Platte Valley, and is being used by the RTD Fastracks Consultants as well as other entities. The exhibit below is a small example of the detail of the final map.

Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District Comprehensive Streetscape Plans

The Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District is responsible for design and construction administration of the surface improvements within the Central Platte Valley and Riverfront Park Neighborhood.  These improvements are in the City and County of Denver rights-of-way and require Major Encumbrance Revocable Permits.

As a requirement of the Permits, detailed exhibits are required to show all District improvements within the public rights-of-way including sidewalks, lights, benches, trash cans, trees, and newspaper corrals throughout the District. 68West prepared detailed inventories and exhibits showing each item within the rights-of-way.

Chestnut & 17th Street Infrastructure Improvements

Part of the Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District’s responsibilities are to design and construct infrastructure to support the planned high density commercial and residential development for the Valley. As the District’s Engineers for this project, 68West gathered the field information, designed and bid the Project involving several sizes of storm sewer and water lines in Chestnut and 17th Streets.

The storm sewer design was challenging since the storm sewer is very shallow due to the close proximity to the Platte River and the elevation of the Valley. The necessary capacity of the storm to carry the developed 100-year storm required several cross sections of pipe to accommodate the street grades and minimal cover over the storm sewer pipe.

Balfour Cosmopolitan Club

The Cosmopolitan Club is a 270 unit, multi-use, age-restricted luxury apartment building located at 15th and Little Raven in Riverfront Park.  68West provided engineering and surveying services for this project include the preparation of ALTA survey documents, preparation of construction drawings and documents for site grading, water mains, sanitary sewer and roadways, as well as the preparation of the site drainage report.  In addition to engineering services, 68West prepared the site plan documents for the project and coordinated with City agencies throughout the various review processes culminating in the Denver Planning Board approval.

Denver Union Station Construction

The Denver Union Station Redevelopment and the new RTD Light/Commuter Rail Intermodal Hub will be the transportation centerpiece for Denver and much of the Front Range, and will bring together several modes of transportation to one central point. 68West was instrumental in providing services and guidance to start the review and approval process, and obtaining the initial permits for the construction and start of the project. We continue to provide coordination and professional services as the Project gears up for full construction.